Radha Bhatia

Chairperson, Bird Group

A pioneer visionary in the gamut of travel trade, Mrs. Radha Bhatia, the dynamic Chairperson of the Bird Group is an entrepreneur par excellence.

A graduate from the reputed Sophia Girls School in Meerut with a Masters Degree in Psychology from Raghunath Girls College, Meerut, Mrs. Radha Bhatia taught for four years in her Alma Mater school before joining her husband Vijay Bhatia's expanding travel business.

Since then, her commitment to the travel trade has been visible in her ability to translate sound knowledge and experience of several years into real time projects. A rare pathfinder – Mrs. Bhatia has conceived several new and successful organizations within the BPO, technology and travel segments.

Mrs. Radha Bhatia is also the force behind The Bird Academy, a vibrant vertical of the Bird Group founded in 1998 with a vision to create a pool of talent with specialized knowledge and skills required by the travel and related industries. Since its inception, it has constantly enriched and enlarged its activities and offered more than 20,000 trained professionals who are now occupying executive positions in travel, tourism and related sectors of the economy in India and abroad. An entrepreneur who has held many important positions in her long and successful career, Mrs. Radha Bhatia is the founder member of the World Travel & Tourism Council India Initiative and she still holds the distinction of being the former Chairman of the Council.